Limit Colors script

Use Limit Colors script to replace uniform fill and outline colors of objects in the current drawing with colors from given palette.

This could be especially useful when you need to convert a drawing with many colors to fewer predefined colors. For example, you import a clipart vector image with hundreds of objects but need them to use only some few colors, for example, Web browser palette.

You need to run the Limit Colors script and specify the palette file (*.CPL) containing the set of colors to use. If you choose to use color screen match, all color conversions are performed through CMYK ensuring better color substitution for offset printing and other output using CMYK colors. If the artwork is intended for RGB (e.g. on-screen presentation or Web), you may want not to use this option.

Usually, custom palettes are stored in CUSTOM folder of your CorelDRAW installation. All fixed palettes (Netscape, Pantone, Focoltone, etc.) are strored in PROGRAMS/DATA folder.

Download Limit Colors script for CorelDRAW:

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