Object Palette Book script

Use Object Palette Book script to create swatch books from a given CorelDRAW palette file (*.cpl). I had to "hack" the format of the CPL file so I can't guarantee that it will work with any file. There could be problems with some palettes. There is one known problem - the script can't generate the following palettes correctly: DIC.CPL, TOYO.CPL, and FOCOLTON.CPL in fixed palettes category. This must be due to a bug in CorelDRAW. The palette seems to be generated correctly but all colors look white on page. If you select an object and see its fill, it reads the correct color value. I still have to figure it out... As the script works only with CPL files, it can't access all new spot color palettes like Pantone palettes, HKS, etc. I'd recommend you to use the swatch books provided by Pantone to match Pantone colors.

Screenshots of the Object Palette Book script dialogs:

pbooksh1.gif (6056 bytes)
Open Palette Dialog

pbooksh2.gif (17593 bytes)
Main Dialog with live palette preview

Download Object Palette Book script for CorelDRAW 9:

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