Oberon Function Visualizer script

Note: a new much more advanced Oberon Function Visualizer is now available for CorelDRAW 10 and 11.

Use Oberon Function Visualizer script to create graphs of functions. You can enter a function in symbolic interpretation and the script will evaluate it and build a graph. You can use the following components to build the function body:

Numeric constants
Any number like 2, 6.9, -76.67. You can also use PI for 3.1415926... and E for 2.7182818...
One of the following operators:
+ (addition), - (subtraction), * (multiplication), / (division), ^ (power)
Use T keyword to represent the parameter of the function. This parameter is then varied in the range specified in T Range control group in the dialog (see below)
One of the following functions:
SIN - Sine
COS - Cosine
TAN - Tangent
SQR - Square root
LOG - base-10 logarithm
LN - natural logarithm
EXP - exponent (e raised to the given power)
Use parentheses to control function evaluation order

When the graph is build a predefined variable T runs through values from From to To with the step of Step specified in T Range controls of the dialog.

Each current coordinate is calculated as follows:


Where f1 and f2 are defined by user. To draw a simple charts like y=sin(x) just define:


The script checks for correct syntax as you type the formulae and displays warnings in the status bar at the bottom of dialog.

You can use expressions in T Range controls either however all parameters here must be constants. When you type the range value, the status bar displays the current value entered. For example, entering "sin(pi/2)/2" in From field will result in value of 0.5 as displayed in the status bar immediately...

Screenshot of the Oberon Function Visualizer main dialog:

plotsh.gif (7624 bytes)

Live preview feature is based on my new User Interface Extension Run-Time Library for CorelSCRIPT which allows you paint in the dialog boxes. This new technology will be available to public as soon as I finish it.

Here are some examples of graphs built with this script:

T: From= -2*pi, To= 2*pi
Plot1.gif (352 bytes)
T: From= -2*pi, To= 2*pi
Plot2.gif (1584 bytes)
T: From= 0, To= 2*pi
Plot3.gif (313 bytes)
T: From= 0, To= 2*pi
Plot4.gif (1200 bytes)
T: From= -4*pi, To= 4*pi
Plot5.gif (867 bytes)

Download Oberon Function Visualizer script for CorelDRAW 8:

CorelDRAW 9 script is available here.

CorelDRAW 10/11 macro is here.

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