Object Spacing Control script

Use Object Spacing Control to distribute text objects horizontally and/or vertically. You can even specify the distance between objects or their edges, centers... For text objects there is an advanced options to distribute vertically.

If you try to align two text objects in CorelDRAW and the strings contain characters with descents or capitals, the result may be far from what you might expect. For example, try to align the following text strings: "one", "Two", and "Sixty". In CorelDRAW you can't align these text strings properly. If you try to align them by top edges, the text "one" will be shifted, if by bottom edges - "Sixty" will be higher than necessary. This script allows you to align text objects specifying what to treat as object's the upper and lower edge, whether it is uppercase or lower case character height, baseline or descent or actual object's bounding box. This way you can align text objects between each other and with other objects with full control over the process.

Screenshot of the Object Spacing Control main dialog:

SpacingSH.gif (4475 bytes)

Download Object Spacing Control script for CorelDRAW:

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