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Oberon Scripts

Paint version: 9, 10
Created: 14-Jan-2001
Last modified: 14-Jan-2001
This script applies a custom text to a bunch of images/photos. You can specify text font, color, and transparency as well as its location on each image. Optionally the images can be resampled to create thumbnails or preview images.
Download Animate Object Script (7K) Animate Object
Paint version: 8, 9
Created: 8-Nov-1998
Last modified: 16-Jan-1999
This script applies distortion (stretching, rotation and reposition) to an object and animates this effect to the specified variation law. In the updated version of the script, there is a possibility to specify object opacity variations...

Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 version of this script is available here.

Download Image Converter Script (3K) Image Converter
Paint version: 8, 9
Created: 4-Nov-1998
Last modified: 10-Dec-1998
This is very useful script to change file types of a set of images (e.g. GIF for JPEGs, or TIF for BMPs). It can also resample images to specified width and/or height. Very useful for creating small previews for a large set of big images. Keep aspect ratio function is added.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 version of this script is available here.

Download Reverse Movie Script (2K) Reverse Movie
Paint version: 8
Created: 15-Nov-1998
Last modified: 15-Nov-1998
This script allows you to change the frame sequence in a movie. You can reverse the frames order in the whole movie or in selected frame range.
Download Split Movie Script (3K) Split Movie
Paint version: 8, 9
Created: 10-Nov-1998
Last modified: 15-Nov-1998
Use this script to save each movie frame to a separate file. A bug with frame range setting is fixed in the latest revision.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 version of this script is available here.

Download Animate Effect Script (34K) Animate Effect
Paint version: 8, 9
Created: 1-Nov-1998
Last modified: 2-Nov-1998
This is the coolest script I created to date. It allows to animate 61 Photo-Paint built-in image effects such as blurs, color transform, etc. You select the effect to animate and specify the law of effect parameters' variation from frame to frame. The rest is done automatically. Some problems with Gamma effect were fixed in the last revision.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 version of this script is available here.

Download Movie Maker Script (3.7K) Movie Maker
Paint version: 8, 9
Created: 10-May-1998
Last modified: 10-May-1998
Creates a movie from a set of individual frame files numbered consecutively. The file name pattern is used to define the numbering sequence. A help file is included in the archive to explain how to use the script.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 version of this script is available here.

Download Flaming Text Script (13.5K) Flaming Text
Paint version: 8
Created: 28-Mar-1998
Last modified: 28-Mar-1998
This is an updated version of Flaming Text script by Rob Wineck, shipped with Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8. I modified it to create static image rather than 10 frame movie as the original version did. I also added the possibility to choose the text font, size and style. The image dimensions are calculated based on the size of the text.

User scripts

In attempt to create even richer scripting resource, I have created a new section on my web site where you can find scripts created by other people. 

The following pages are provided and supported by their authors:

  • Orbit Scripts by Alex Link - new set of scripts from Alex Link

  • Scripts by Alex Link - check out these special Photo-Paint 9 effects.

  • Cutting Edge F/X - a really wonderful set of Photo-Paint effects. Lots of special effects in a single script. Be sure you check this out!!!

  • Gridliner - A really cool script that helps you create different (rather cool, I must say) grids and lines.

If you have interesting scripts you want to share and help others master scripting, feel free to contact me. I'd be glad to post them here. 

Paint version: 9
Created: 1-Mar-2000
Last modified: 1-Mar-2000
Author: Christine Farrelly 
Creates a fancy cube with letters on its sides.
Paint version: 9
Created: 29-Feb-2000
Last modified: 29-Feb-2000
Author: Christine Farrelly 
This script creates a circular or oval filigree frame around the open image.

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